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How To Select Vibrant Fresh Colors

Don’t you love it when you enter inside a space that evokes cleanliness and serenity? Doesn’t it feel soothing and invigorating when you are immersed in a milieu of vibrant fresh colors? Well, fear not. There is always a way to bring ...

5 Reasons to Start Your Renovation Today

We often procrastinate when we are about to embark on a project that seems daunting. There are always anticipated difficulties and expenses that can wait. However, deep down we know that starting a new renovation project is not only necessary, ...

Interior Design in an Ever-Changing World

“I have always loved interior design. The challenge is how we can push the envelope as interior designers to embrace an ever-changing world”.

Walking in Melville

  I enjoy walking in Melville. It’s such a pretty little town. During the short autumn, I love to peruse and browse the little mom-and-pop retail shops, and also the beautiful modern furniture stores.   My favorite thing to do is ...



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